Harris Construction, LLC

Company Profile

Harris Construction, LLC is a full service General Contracting company licensed in the State of Washington. We are fully bonded, insured and provide a full range of construction services to the residential and commercial communities of Central Washington.

Harris Construction, LLC was founded in August, 1988 by Lynn J. Harris and has won many awards in both residential and commercial construction. We are known to our customers for our high level of service, integrity and excellence in workmanship.

Residential: We offer a full range of services to our residential clients including the construction of custom homes, major remodels and additions. We have built some of the most elegant custom homes across the Yakima Valley. Harris Construction, LLC has also constructed many custom detached garages ranging from steel structures to custom wood framed garages.

Commercial: For our commercial clients, our services include: constructing steel buildings, post frame structures, tilt-up construction, tenant improvements and major remodels. We also perform services for specialty concrete work including: containment pads, loading docks, lift stations, trench drains and machinery pads.

Preconstruction Services: This service includes assisting in the development of the design documents and providing assistance with value engineering. By involving Harris Construction, LLC early on in the design phase you will have the opportunity to save money two different ways. There will be opportunities for short term savings for the cost of construction and long term savings for the maintenance costs of the building. Harris Construction, LLC has saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years because clients have included us as part of the preconstruction team.

Building Green: Harris Construction, LLC is committed to preserving our environment for future generations. We have become certified by the Green AdvantageŽ environmental program to help our clients with the growing demand of green construction. Our knowledge and experience in green construction enables us to assist clients in incorporating health conscious and environmentally friendly concepts into the design and the construction of their projects.

We are looking forward to working with you on your next project!

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